Why Green Cleaning is Better

There are cleaning products everywhere you go-in your home, your business, and even in the air. Most of the usual cleaning products we knew and used in the past have some serious health and environmental issues. Because we are dedicated to giving you the safest and most thorough cleaning job possible, we use certified green […]

Treading in the Steps of the Ancients: History of Cleaning House

Every generation since the beginning of time thinks it’s unique. They are convinced their habits, education, inventions and philosophies are the first ever. It surprises many to find that the ancients not only invented a viable computer, flush toilet and alphabet, but they also cleaned house. We suppose when today’s homemakers find that the ancients […]

3 Ways Professional Office Cleaning Helps Your Bottom Line

There is no doubt that clients and employees alike are put off by a messy, disorganized office. Having it professionally cleaned can actually save you money and improve your bottom line. Here are 3 ways it will improve your business: 1. Reduces absenteeism Cleanliness in the office doesn’t only look nice but controls germs as […]

Cleaning Tips & Tricks: Prevention Helps Keep Things Cleaner

Most people want a clean house. Unfortunately, life sometimes gets busy, and cleaning responsibility might get pushed to the side in favor of work or family responsibilities. Fortunately, the American Cleaning Institute has provided several cleaning tips & tricks, which will help simplify cleaning in your home. Keep kitchen and bathroom surfaces as dry and […]