Three Benefits of Prompt & Reliable Cleaning


Reliable cleaningModern life can get stressful sometimes. With family, work, and personal commitments, sometimes life can feel like an endless juggling of appointments and changing schedules.

One thing that shouldn’t add to life’s stresses is your cleaning service. At Custom Cleaning of the Treasure Coast, one of our most important commitments to you is being prompt, reliable, and on time.

Here are three ways our reliable, prompt cleaning service will reduce the stress in your life:

1. Consistency in your life. Nothing aggravates the blood pressure than that client or friend who constantly reschedules that meeting or coffee date at the late minute. Our professional cleaners will show up reliably and consistently at the same agreed upon time. You’ll always know when our cleaners are coming, and what day you’ll return to a sparkling home or office.

2. Building a trusting relationship. We don’t just want to clean your space; we hope to build a relationship with you. One of the ways we work to build that relationship is to give you the reliability of the same professional cleaners, who provide the same prompt, professional service for every appointment.

3. Peace and tranquility. Our pros provides the same great service every time, so you can cross worrying about whether the cleaners came off your list. There’s no reason to get anxious while you’re trying to enjoy the day or achieve relaxation in that stretching or yoga class. Instead, feel happy and calm knowing that your space is clean again.

We provide high quality professional cleaning to personal homes and commercial offices and businesses. Contact us to learn more about how our services can help you.


Adding Up the Benefits of Hiring a Professional Cleaning Company

Dining-room-living-room-modern-homeRemember the excitement of moving into your dream home? It had everything you wanted in a home; beautiful wood floors, open, airy rooms, a wonderful kitchen with the updated appliances and the gorgeous splashback over the sink, and the luxurious master bathroom with tile walls and floors and the generous shower. Best of all, it was in the lovely Treasure Coast area.

Now you want to keep that home looking its best and maintain it to your high standards.

  • Carpet manufacturers tell us carpets should be vacuumed as many times a week as there are people in the home.
  • We know that regular dusting and polishing woodwork on cabinets and good furniture keeps it from drying out and maintains that wood beauty.
  • Frequent dusting and/or washing blinds keeps them supple and prolongs life.
  • Wiping and scrubbing sinks and showers with each use reduces mold, mildew as well as germs.
  • Kitchen appliances require cleaning and upkeep almost daily to prevent trouble. Refrigerators accrue mold, ovens get spills, garbage disposals and dishwashers need attention at times.
  • Floors tend to collect beach sand, yard dirt as well as everyday dust and grime. They need to be swept and mopped often. Those beautiful wood floors need a different kind of care than the tile floors.
  • Do you have pets? We know they make their own messes, including all that hair they shed!

Cleaning and regular home maintenance not only preserves your treasured home, but keeps residents healthier and in better spirits. You’ve already invested a lot of money in your home, its furnishings and your possessions. It makes sense to take good care of them. You also want the best for your family. But in today’s busy world, who has time to follow all the recommendations of upkeep, let alone just keeping on top of things!

That’s where a reliable, professional cleaning service becomes essential. If you wanted the best in your home, then you want the best for your home. You want a company that is experienced, trustworthy and highly reliable. We know our stuff and use our own supplies and equipment. We can promise you the best care your house deserves!

Prompt & Reliable Office Cleaning You Can Count On


Low-section-of male-janitor-cleaning-floor-with-mop-in-officeMy momma always told me you only have one chance to make a first impression. While office styles change from cubicles to open spaces and décor varies from post modern to homey, one thing is certain. The cleanliness of your office space impacts the success of your business.

You obviously have many responsibilities and projects that need your attention. You are already in demand and your time is money. When you hire an outside professional company to handle your office cleaning needs, you are able to communicate with them what your expectations are and then never worry about it again. You expect a company will step in and make sure the job is done on a consistent basis and up to your standards.

Your employees will work in a more efficient manner when their work environment is clean. Imagine arriving to work on a Monday morning and finding floors that shine, fingerprints removed from glass, and empty trash receptacles. Employees are free to get right down to business and not have to spend valuable time cleaning up the office. In contrast, a Monday morning is difficult enough, but imagine arriving to the office knowing these things will need to be taken care of before any clients or customers arrive.

From your clients perspective, a clean office sends the message that there are competent professional people in this business who care about details and will give full attention to the needs of the customer. From hospitals to furniture stores to the office of your accountant, you know that first impression matters.

When you hire the right company, you never need think about it again.


Benefits of Hiring a Professional Cleaning Company for Your Home


Professional cleaning companyBetween work, family, and social obligations, the average person has a very hectic schedule. For many people, this means that there is simply not enough time in the day to complete all of the tasks they need to get done, and cleaning their home can often get neglected. This is why it can be extremely beneficial to consider hiring a professional cleaning company to clean your home, as this will ensure that your home receives the upkeep it needs even when you are extremely busy. If you have not previously considered the benefits of a cleaning service, here are a few of the reasons why you should consider hiring a professional cleaning company for your home.

More Time to Relax

It can be difficult to find enough hours in the day to complete everything on your to-do list. If you have to complete chores around your home on top of everything else, you likely will not have time to relax, and will fall into bed at night completely fatigued. Allowing someone else to manage the cleanliness of your home will give you time back that you can use to relax and unwind after a stressful day.

No Need to Purchase Supplies

Cleaning your home can quickly become more time-consuming, and costly, when you run out of cleaning supplies. Additionally, it can bedifficult to know which cleaning supplies are best for the surfaces in your home. However, a professional cleaning company will bring their own supplies, and will know what to use to best clean your home, taking away some of your stress, as you will no longer have to worry about purchasing cleaning supplies.

Brings You Peace of Mind

Perhaps the greatest benefit of hiring a professional cleaning company is the peace of mind it can bring to you. You will no longer have to be stressed about coming home to a dirty home at the end of a busy day, or what visitors will think about your home. Additionally, you will not have to worry about your home’s cleanliness and the impact this may be having on your health or allergies. You can rest-assured knowing that your home is being professionally maintained.


Three Benefits of a Prompt & Reliable Cleaning Company

reliability-meter-100-percentWhether you are a busy person who struggles to find time to clean your house, you hate certain cleaning tasks, or your home or office simply needs a deeper cleaning occasionally, sometimes people need the help of a professional cleaning service. If you are looking for a cleaning company, it is important to make sure they are going to provide prompt and reliable cleaning services. Here are three reasons why prompt and reliable services are so important:

No Waiting Around

Most people have waited around for hours for someone to show up to fix or install something in their home or office. Whether it is the plumber, the guy coming to hook-up your Internet, or someone else, you can quickly get impatient if the person or company does not show up when they said they would be there.

With a prompt and reliable cleaning service, such as Custom Cleaning of the Treasure Coast, there is no waiting around needed. We will give you the approximate time we will arrive, and if there are any delays, we will let you know as soon as possible.

No Reason to Check-up on the Job

When a company is not reliable, you may be tempted to head home early or leave during your lunch break to make sure the job is done and that it was done correctly. With a prompt and reliable cleaning service, there is no reason to worry if the job has been done or to check to make sure it was done correctly. You could even leave town for a few days and trust that you will come home to a clean house.


Perhaps consistency is one of the most important qualities of a reliable cleaning company. Often, a less-reliable company will do a great job the first time or two. Then they will start to cut corners. With a reliable cleaning company, doing the best job every time is a top priority. You can depend upon your house being cleaned as well the hundredth time as it was cleaned the first time.

If you have considered hiring a cleaning company for your home or office, we encourage you to allow us to show you why we know you will love our prompt and reliable cleaning services.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Cleaning Company: Do it For Your Health


Professional cleaning companyWhen you hire competent professionals to clean your business or home, you have made a wise investment. There are benefits of hiring a professional cleaning company aside from saving you time and labor. You might not realize it, but hiring this kind of service helps keep you and the others in good health. Learn how that happens here:

  • Thorough cleaning reduces dust and other allergens in homes and businesses. Professional cleaning companies remove dust not only from the areas that you see but from those that are hidden. For example, professionals clean underneath appliances and behind desks, beds and other furniture. A good cleaning service also provides deep cleaning of carpets in addition to regular vacuuming. Comprehensive cleaning helps those who suffer from respiratory distress due to allergies.
  • Professional cleaning also reduces germs in the home and workplace. These agents know how to sanitize hard surfaces such as desks, tables, doorknobs and landline phone handsets. They also clean bathrooms, a common source of harmful germs, in a comprehensive manner so you and others are less likely to become ill.
  • Mold is rare when you have your properties professionally cleaned. Good services work to prevent mold by drying surfaces completely following cleaning. Also, they often use commercial products which help prevent the growth of spores.
  • You and others rest easier in a well cleaned environment. You do not have to worry about navigating through clutter (which can cause falls), the trash is removed promptly and your bathrooms are stocked with toilet paper. A clean environment is less stressful than a dirty one and less stress means better health.


Four Things to Do in Stuart, FL With Your Children

Stuart-FLIf you are a parent with young children, sometimes it might seem like you spend most of your time cleaning up after your children. You rarely find time to enjoy yourself. Luckily, there are so many things to do in Stuart, FL other than clean. Consider these four things you can do with your children in Stuart.

Elliot Museum

The Elliot Museum includes several permanent exhibits, which feature things like cars, baseball, vintage bicycles, and information about the history of our area. They also have traveling exhibits. Right now, they have National Geographic 50 Greatest Photographs, which allows people to see some of the most famous photographs from National Geographic’s over 120-year history. This exhibit runs through June 4.

Sailfish Splash Waterpark

Sailfish Splash Waterpark is currently closed for the winter, although the 50-meter pool has limited hours most days. March 11 is Opening Day for the waterpark, although it will not be open full-time until May 27. Once Sailfish Splash Waterpark opens for the season, you and your children can enjoy the lazy river, tall water slides, relaxing next to the pool, and other water-related fun. There are also smaller slides and areas with lower water levels, perfect for smaller children. They also offer swim lessons as well as competitive swimming and diving opportunities.

Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center

If your children are interested in ocean life, the Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center, might be the perfect place to visit. Children can see ocean animals, including stingrays and sea turtles up close. They can even touch and feed the stingrays.

Tropical Ranch Botanical Gardens

If you are looking for something fun to do for free, the Tropical Ranch Botanical Gardens are a good option. Visitors can enjoy an assortment of beautiful plants in each of the nine themed gardens. The gardens are open to the public each weekend or by appointment.

These are just a few of the things you can do with your children in Stuart instead of spending all your time cleaning. While you are out having fun with your family, leave the cleaning to us.

3 Benefits of Prompt & Reliable Cleaning


Reliable cleaningHousekeeping tasks are tedious and time-consuming. At home, it can be incredibly difficult to juggle everything that needs to get done on a daily basis–things like work, cooking, laundry, school, extracurricular activities, home repairs, and taking care of pets make it tough to find time for cleaning. In the office, a clean environment is critical to employees’ health and performance. Keeping an office clean and healthy is an ongoing job that requires meticulous attention to detail. We understand the importance of prompt & reliable cleaning–keep reading to learn about the benefits and peace of mind that a professional cleaning service provides:

1. Your space gets cleaned despite obstacles. Even if you are an incredibly organized individual who follows a strict cleaning schedule, you can’t possibly anticipate all the unexpected obstacles that can crop up in the blink of an eye. Maybe a problem arises that requires a week’s worth of overtime hours–there goes that bathroom that needed to be cleaned. Or perhaps your child forgot to mention that she has a huge science project due in two days–that’s not going to leave much time for vacuuming or washing the floors. Just imagine the peace of mind that comes from not having to worry about housekeeping. A professional cleaning service will be there whenever they are scheduled, regardless of what life throws at you on any given day.

2. The job is always done right. As we mentioned before, cleaning is a tedious process. It requires attention to detail and patience in order to be done correctly. Cleaning that is not done properly can result in a build-up of dirt, grime, and germs. If you are rushing around to do everything else that needs to be done in life, you’re probably rushing through your cleaning. You’re probably not getting in every nook and cranny, and your home or office is suffering. A professional cleaning service has extensive expertise and knowledge–cleaning is our job, and our top priority is making sure that job is done well.

3. You’ll have more free time. More free time? You’ve always wanted to know what that feels like, right? A prompt and reliable cleaning service means you don’t have to make time for pesky housekeeping chores and you’ll have more time to enjoy life. Imagine an extra hour in your day to enjoy a movie with a friend, take the kids to the park, or just sit and read a book. Taking time to sit back and relax relieves stress and can make you more productive, having a positive effect on many aspects of your life!

A professional cleaning service takes away the stress of worrying about keeping a clean home or office. Life is busy and full of unexpected obstacles–a regularly scheduled cleaning service can give you peace of mind knowing that your space will always be clean and healthy regardless of what comes up. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our professional cleaning services.

Clear the Clutter in the Makeup Cabinet!

Makeup cabinetJust like food in the refrigerator or pantry expires, so do makeup and beauty products. It can be hard to part with a favorite lipstick or eyeshadow, but over time these products can build up bacteria. It’s also easy to accumulate too many of some products. How many mascaras do you have? Doing a clean-out of the makeup drawer or medicine cabinet will not only be healthy, but also help keep your morning routine more organized and give you a more peaceful feeling as you start your day.

While it’s hard to throw things in the garbage that you spent money on and selected carefully, keep in mind the health reasons why replacing these products regularly is so important!

  • Mascara. The expiration date on mascara is six months at most. If you pump your mascara to get more onto the brush, you are forcing more air into the tube, shortening its lifespan to three months because it may dry out or allow bacteria to grow.
  • Eyeliner. Just like mascara, liquid liners are safe for up to six months. Pencils are good for up to 12 months because sharpening them helps to keep bacteria at bay.
  • Powder-based products. These include eyeshadows and blushes. These will keep for up to two years.
  • Foundation. Opt for a pump dispenser whenever possible; this has a life of up to two years.
  • Lipsticks. Toss these after two years. However, there are signs that they need to be thrown out sooner, such as changes in consistency or smell. When in doubt, throw it out! Replace it with a new tube.
  • Nail polish. Nail polish has a life of 1-2 years, depending on the brand. Again, keep an eye on the consistency. Polish that looks clumpy has likely expired.
  • Perfumes. Perfumes are designed to last longer, and will still be good for 8-10 years. They fare best in cool, dry places.
  • Lotions. Lotions are good for up to two years. After that, you will notice the scents change, which is a sign they’re past their prime.

Once you’ve cleaned out your inventory of makeup and lotion that no longer serves you, you’ll be able to tell which products you use regularly and which you don’t. If you’ve had the same blush or foundation for years, that’s an indication that you don’t use it a lot. Next time, replace it with a drug store brand. If you use your eye makeup every day, that means you can splurge on the quality brands more often because you know you get more use out of it!

Cut Clutter From Your Life in Four Easy Steps

Cut clutterIt happens before you know it: suddenly, you look around to find your home filled with stuff. Maybe your dining room table, master bedroom, or the desk in your office has become a catch-all for miscellaneous things. Though they may seem harmless, these items become a constant demand for your time and attention, and can leave you feeling disorganized and unsettled. Left untended, physical and mental clutter leads to stress, frustration, and anxiety. Don’t become a victim of disorder. Tackle clutter in four simple steps with this easy-to-implement approach: SSUM. Stop, Seen, Unseen and Maintain.


The first step is to simply stop. Identify the actions that contribute to the disorder in your life and stop doing them. It’s as simple as refusing to buy that extra pair of shoes, or putting a piece of junk mail in the garbage rather than on the table. By ceasing to add to it, you will put yourself in a position to deal with the clutter that already exists.


The second step is to tackle all the clutter that can be seen. The floors, shelves, counter tops, tables, and other surfaces should be clear and orderly. Put away, throw away, or give away anything that adds to the chaos. The old rule applies: if it hasn’t been used in a year, get rid of it. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s okay to box up and temporarily store some items to deal with later.

Now is the time to clean! We can help give your home a thoughtful, thorough cleaning to finish out this step. When your environment is clean and clutter-free, you will feel less stress and more peace.


Once your visual space is organized, it’s time to move to the unseen spaces. Venture into the deep, dark corners of your closets and cabinets. Again, consider the value and function of each item and give it away, throw it away, or put it away. Try to whittle your possessions down to 100 items or less. It sounds difficult at first, but you may be surprised at what you can live without. Block out some time to work on yourself. Confront and clear out any worries, fears or doubts that are cluttering your thoughts. Try to sustain a clear, peaceful frame of mind.


You’ve put so much work in to de-cluttering, it would be a shame if it all came undone. Arm yourself with containers and other organizational tools that will prevent the clutter from building up. Have a system in place to deal with mail, bills, kids papers, and household chores. Partner with us to take care of your cleaning needs, so you have one less thing to worry about. Remind yourself of your goals to live free of clutter and chaos.

Contact us today for prompt, reliable, expert service de-cluttering and cleaning your home or office.